Saturday, June 25, 2022

Beautiful Academy

The Beautiful Academy is a specialized institution conceived for the training and development of manpower that is critical for the commercialization of ventures that are associated with the beautiful sport. The courses at the academy will be organized into certificate and non-certificate courses and will be mounted by personnel drawn from a rich global pool of qualified manpower.


Technical courses: Courses in this stream are those relating to building capacity for the sport and includes coaching, refereeing, officiating,  


Professional courses: These are courses that are required for the successful commercialization of the innovations associated with the beautiful initiatives. to effectively run entrepreneurship, sports management, sports marketing, sports finance, sports psychology, human behavior, organizational management, sports medicine, insurance, agency, entertainment law, intellectual property law


Generalist courses: These courses relates to those that will facilitate to development goals and includes resource management, development finance, conservation management, conflict management, gender, learning, peace, climate change, gender, etc