Thursday, August 18, 2022

Beautiful Smart City

For the purpose of commercializing the beautiful sport and the various ventures associated with it, we shall establish a worldwide cluster of purpose built, self-sustaining, beautiful cities driven by smart and green technologies, IoT devices amongst others. Each will be a purposed-built smart city with sectors that will be dedicated to residential, commercial and industrial occupants. Additionally, a number of hubs will be reserved for hi-tech, agriculture, manufacturing, warehouses, market malls, research, residential and guest houses amongst others. A special component of the cities is an arena for the beautiful sport that will be built at the heart of the city. At its advanced stage, the cities will have basic services including power, health, water, waste recycling, security, banking, fire services, transport network (air, rail, road etc), among others.

The cities will serve as activity centres for promoting various goals including UN Sustainable Development Goals. A section of the cities will be dedicated to meeting the housing and job needs of refugees and persons displaced internally by man-made and natural disasters.

The city will be managed by a representative body subject to the sovereign laws of every country. However, given that the city will have Havens that will cater for the needs of victims of conflict and natural disasters as well as serve as activity centers for UN Sustainable Development Goals, we expect the UN and the World Bank to play a significant role in the management of the city to enable it achieve its development purpose.


Features of the beautiful city

  1. In every country, a certain number of the beautiful cities will be built
  2. Each will accommodate thousands of temporary and permanent residents
  3. Residents will live and work in the city in ventures inspired by the new sport
  4. Each city will serve as activity centres for the actualization of development goals
  5. The cities shall provide incubators to train and accelerate founders of new ventures
  6. Offer new and existing organizations very secure and low costs operating environment.



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Beautiful City

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