Saturday, July 4, 2020

Beautiful Sport

The Beautiful Sport is similar to but different in several ways from football in the design of the playing field, rules, method of play and overall decision-making processes. Anyone who is familiar with the current game of football can readily and easily comprehend the sport.

This beautiful sport is a novelty that combines the artistry of football, baseball and cricket to produce a composite sport that is performed not simply to put the ball into the net as it is with the game of football, but to put the ball into the net in a way that it leads to the accomplishment of goals that are SMART being goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and tangible. The sport can be performed by humans on natural or artificial turf by an individual player focused on achieving a set of goals or by two teams of players focused on achieving set goals. The sport can also be in electronic format wherein it is animated and incorporated in apps.

The Beautiful Sport was conceived as a sport that will go beyond serving as a tool for entertainment to address specific goals whose accomplishments will result in a beautiful world. Three goals the sport seeks to achieve are promoting peace and conciliation, gender equality and equity as well as education and learning, however, the sport can be adapted to promote a wide range of goals including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).


Utility of the sport for education and learning

  1. The art of performing the sport in its live format or animated format compels the player to learn and be acquainted with a wide range of subject matter covering all disciplines.
  2. In playing the sport, players learn about shapes, symbols, words, sequence etc which in the animated app game are available in a store from where they are retrieved. Playing the sport therefore leads to the development of verbal and quantitative aptitudes.
  3. The utility of the sport as a tool for promoting learning is bolstered by the role of the Special One, a unique personality in the sport that personifies its beauty and knowledge.
  4. The art of goal scoring involves the Special One and requires quantitative skills, focus, intense concentration and decision making on what angle the ball will be placed into the net to ensure that the target goal is accomplished.

Utility of the sport for promoting harmony and peace

  1. The points scoring system ensure that a team that lost a game on the basis of deficit goals against the winning team earns some points especially when they play the game in a manner that promotes friendship and harmony. This promotes a win-win mentality
  2. The field of play has areas, sectors and compartments where certain actions that are inimical to promoting co-existence, friendship and harmony cannot be taken by a player.
  3. The terms used in describing player actions on the field of play, reminds players on the imperative of performing the sport in a way that promotes tolerance and harmony.


Utility of the sport for promoting equality and equity

  1. The beautiful sport has a unique personality know as the Special One which is the bearer of a beautiful crown that players compete for and by this enhances the status of women.
  2. The Special One symbolizes the beauty of the sport and its role during and after a game promotes a sense of equity and fairness in the allocation of points for goals scored.