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The Beautiful World Tour (BWT) is a global Goals Initiative whose objective is to galvanize humanity to take steps aimed at ensuring a better world where justice, peace, equity, friendship, love, tolerance and other desirables will prevail in other to achieve an enduring, endearing and beautiful world. Achieving this will require stakeholders to implement actions that are consistent with the goals of a better world, operationalized in the framework of goals set by individuals, organizations, nation states as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The BWT is anchored on an innovative Goals Model and a novel Goals Sport which is played to show how specific goals are attained. They explain goal achievement and are used for teaching, research, training and entertainment. The tour will involve social, educational and sport events.

During the BWT, the Components of the BWT that will be showcased during the tour include: Goals Challenge, Goals Exhibition, Goals Lecture, Goals Academy, Beautiful World Reality TV and more

The Goals Initiative

The Goals Initiative (GI) is a holistic knowledge based initiative conceived to deepen discourse on goals given its effect on shaping behavior and action. The GI is driven by a novel Goals Model and an innovative Goals Sport which imbue and sustain in individuals the mindset for goal achievement.

Both are used for promoting research, teaching, training entertainment and entrepreneurship as they explain goal attainment. They are vital for mobilizing individuals and organizations towards goals hence boost efforts aimed at attaining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).


The Goals Model and Goals Sport

The Goals Model was propounded to provide a framework that explains the goal orientation of individuals and by extension, organizations and nations. The thrust of the model is that goal attainment is constrained by obstacles but that with requisite resources, the obstacles can be overcome and that among these resources, commitment to goal attainment is a critical imperative. The model improves on existing goals model especially the Path-Goal Leadership Model propounded by Robert House which posits that leadership is crucial to individuals overcoming the obstacles.

The model is validated by the actions that players manifest in performing a novel Goals

Objectives of the Goals Initiative

  1. Provide a new pedagogy for teaching various subjects across all ages
  2. Organize learned society events including conferences that focuses on goals
  3. Promote goals in general and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  4. Organize research competitions for institutions using the Goals Model framework
  5. Institute a framework for igniting research that will result in entrepreneurial action
  6. Provide a tool for mobilizing citizens to take action towards solving societal challenges
  7. Introduce a technology for citizen education, enlightenment and mobilization for civics
  8. Provide an application that serves as a tool for learning, research and entertainment for all

 Synopsis on the Goals Initiatives

Goals Model Survey: The online 5 minute survey elicits opinion on goals, obstacles to goals and the resources required to overcome the obstacles to set goals based on the Goals Model. Responses to the survey have come from UNESCO, FISU, Enactus, professors among others.

Participants: Anyone above 18 years of age can participate in the survey.

The survey is available online in English (, French ( and Espanol (


Goals Interview: The interview enables opinion leaders to express their thoughts on issues relating to goals in general and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in particular. The views expressed will feature in a title that will serve as an authoritative source of perspectives on goals.

Participants: Leaders of organizations, professional bodies, governments, diplomats, professors.


Goals Challenge: This is an educational, psychological, fitness, mental and entrepreneurship activity involving the Goals Model and Beautiful Sport that enables leaders to galvanize their supporters and mobilize the resources they need to achieve set goal that will benefit humanity. The challenge can be used to set agenda, strategy and motivate employees towards set goals. The challenge offers a tool for leaders to raise enormous financial and non-financial resources.

Participants: Leaders, individuals, organizations with followership can take the challenge.


Goals Research: This is focused on promoting a research culture that will lead to innovative and creative outcomes that will address societal challenges and result in the creation of new ventures.

Participants: students in the penultimate year, youth corps members and unemployed graduates

 Goals Lecture: A lecture focused on a special theme using the prism provided by the Goals Model.

Participants: Speakers will be drawn from academia, industry, government, etc and will use the lecture to galvanize thinking similar to inaugural lectures delivered in universities. Speakers will be remunerated and get additional funding to support any goals that evolves out of the presentation.

Goals Academy

This training platform content is based on the ramifications of the Goals Model and Goals Sport. Themes will be drawn from Entrepreneurship, Sports Business, Sports and Entertainment Law, Sports Medicine, Leadership, Diplomacy, Conflict, Education, Civics, Sustainable Development, Sports Psychology, Coaching, Refereeing, Agency, Finance, Management, Sports Administration, etc

Participants: This will include anyone who wishes to be trained in the various areas of interest. The academy will equip participants with the skills and knowledge they need to get involved.

Reality TV Show

There will be a Reality TV show in which participants will deploy the Goals Model to addressing societal challenge while using the model and sport to entertain lovers, fans, enthusiasts of the novelty. The focus of the show is to task participants’ ability to translate their life goals into reality while navigating the obstacles they will encounter along the way including those that will be imposed by the organizers. Housemates will in addition use the show to raise resources to actualize their goals.

The show will be highly educational, entrepreneurial, entertaining and will be broadcast live globally.

Participants: students, graduates, unemployed youths and young adults seeking to make a change.

Goals Exhibition: The exhibition is intended to showcase the Goals Model and Beautiful Sport and galvanize investors, policy makers, etc for the commercialization of the model and sport.

Participants: Anyone preferably youths can exhibit the model and sport. Group of persons can comprise a team that will be trained for the exhibition or your university can assemble a team.

To learn more and register your interest, visit the link

Goals Model and Goals Sport league and tournaments

The league and tournament is an education and entertainment activity that will be deployed later.

Participants: Individuals will participate in using the Goals Model and Goals Sport to achieve goals.

For the team game, teams assembled by organizations such as universities can participate.

Participants will earn revenue from various payments associated with their involvement.

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