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The Beautiful family

The family comprises individuals who value a world free of issues that distorts our humanity. In principle, the family is an advanced form of supporters club whose members are strongly bonded to the sport by shared values, ideals and certain natural tendencies. The family will provide the building blocks for the global supporters club for the sport. When formally constituted, the family will comprise admirers, fans and supporters of the beautiful sport across the world. Using, the sport, the family will promote goals that will sustain our understanding of a beautiful world.


Status of the family

The family shall be a legal entity with structured elected leadership in organizations, communities, local councils, states, national and at sub-continental and continental levels.


Beautiful Ball Game Family Structure

The Beautiful Ball Game family is a universal family comprising people of diverse backgrounds. For effective administration and socialization, the family is broken into 15 sub families with each member fitting into one of the sub-families.


Features of each sub family

  1. Sub families are connected by unique attributes
  2. Sub families are named to reflect their communality
  3. Sub families shall have their own coat of arms, flag, anthem
  4. Sub families shall have unique GSM number systems, ring tones
  5. Sub families shall their own dress code and outfits to be worn at events
  6. Sub families shall hold events that will be rotated from city to city in each country
  7. Sub families shall hold a yearly festival to compete for prizes in different endeavours


Roles of the family

Roles in administration

  1. Participating in making decisions on the general administration of the game
  2. Contribute to reviewing rules and laws to improve on sport and its administration
  3. Assisting in resolving dilemmas arising from referees decision on the field of play
  4. Participating in deciding which countries will have the hosting rights to tournaments


Roles in development

  1. Running campaigns to create awareness on societal challenges
  2. Promoting global development goals using the beautiful ball game
  3. Champion efforts to use the game to promote development causes and goals
  4. Mobilizing resources to support efforts aimed at mitigating the effects of disasters


Roles in business

  1. Members can own ventures that will affiliate with the parent firm
  2. Members can invests in shares of enterprises that the family may set up
  3. Members can own shares in clubs and properties such as playing arena


Roles in diplomacy

  1. Undertake diplomatic missions aimed at addressing international crises
  2. Members will serve as ambassadors for the family on international assignments


Employment benefits

  1. Employment opportunities
  2. Opportunities to contract and consultant
  3. Opportunities to go on special missions abroad


Financial benefits

  1. Members can invest in shares of enterprises that the family may set up
  2. Members can own shares in clubs that will be established by the family
  3. Members can own shares in arena that will be built for family owned clubs
  4. Members can own shares in enterprises that will organize tournaments for the game
  5. Members get paid for participating in and taking actions that will beautify the world


Economic benefits

  1. Members can own ventures that will be affiliated with the parent firm
  2. Members can buy goods and services at subsidized prices from partnering vendors
  3. Members will own a unique GSM number that enjoys discounts for calls, SMS, data etc
  4. Members can earn points with monetary equivalent which can be used for e-payments
  5. Members can own properties or enjoy lower rental rates in cities to be built for the sport


Leadership benefits

  1. Members will meet with world leaders to present family solutions to global challenges
  2. Members will attend regular trainings to develop their skills and capacity for leadership


Educational benefits

  1. Wards and children of members shall have the opportunity to attend our academies
  2. Members, their wards and children shall enjoy educational scholarships tenable abroad

You need to know

  1. The family will grow into a huge global community
  2. Members earn points for participating in family related activities
  3. Points earned by members can be monetized and used for online shopping
  4. We shall be the only family in the world that will have members across all countries
  5. A global family in which members are united by shared ideals, values and aspirations
  6. A family that will grow to have its own investments in various sectors and employ millions
  7. A family in which members of the family in country A will bond with members in country B
  8. Members will build new ties that will facilitate your entry and integration into other countries
  9. A business model in which family members get paid when they contribute to decision making
  10. You be part of a family that can purchase various goods at discounted prices across the world
  11. By joining this family you have become part of a movement that will change the world forever

Beautiful Family

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