The Beautiful Cities


The Beautiful Cities are a global cluster of purpose built settlements that will be built to commercialize the Beautiful Initiatives including the Beautiful Sport, Beautiful Family, Beautiful Corps, Special One, Goals Fund, Family Fund, Game Apps, Messenger Apps and Social media. Each will be a self-sustaining city powered by smart and green technologies, IoT devices etc.

The cities will be largely entertainment oriented with an arena for the beautiful sport at the heart of the city and with sectors dedicated to residential, commercial and industrial occupants. As part of the development, a number of hubs will be reserved for hi-tech, agriculture, manufacturing, warehouses, malls, research, financial houses, hotels, guest houses, city services etc.


City services

In its advanced stage, the beautiful city will provide basic services like power, health, water, waste recycling, security, banking, fire services, transport network (air, rail, road), among others.

City and development

The cities will serve as activity centres for promoting various goals including United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). A section of each city will be dedicated to the housing and job needs of refugees and persons displaced internally by man-made and natural disasters.

City management

The city will be managed by a representative body subject to the sovereign laws of the country. However, given that the city will serve as activity centers for the promotion of the SDG’s, we expect the UN and other development institutions to be involved in the management of the cities.

Features of the beautiful city

  1. In every country, a certain number of the cities will be built
  2. Each will accommodate thousands of temporary and permanent residents
  3. Residents will live and work in the city in ventures inspired by the initiatives
  4. Each city will serve as activity centres for the actualization of development goals
  5. The cities shall provide incubators to train and accelerate founders of new ventures
  6. Offer new and existing organizations very secure and low costs operating environment

Sample cities

The beautiful cities are modelled after existing settlements

  1. Coop City- This city is located in the Baychester area of Bronx, New York, USA that was developed in 1974. It occupies an area of 599 acres and has a population of 50, 000. Learn more at
  2. Playa Vista- This is a neighbourhood of Los Angeles, USA, whose development began in 2002. It has a population of 6, 000 and has attracted high tech firms based in Silicon Valley. Learn more at

 Benefits for residents

  1. Rights to own shares in the Beautiful Initiatives
  2. Steady power supply mostly from renewable energy sources
  3. Security of life and property as residents can live and work in the city
  4. Basic services including schools, posts, health, food will be provided
  5. Leisure and entertainment facilities will be available all around the clock


The city is open to occupation by individuals who wish to reside in the city and organizations who wish to set up operations subject to laws in the jurisdiction where the city will be located.

Unveiling of the city

The model of the Beautiful City will be unveiled at the Beautiful World Forum in New York on 17 and 18 September, 2018. Participants at the BWF who take interest in city will be given consideration and concessions under a pioneer occupant scheme we will announce at the BWF.

To learn more about the cities and how you can be part among the first set of residents, we invite you to attend the BWF. Participants at the BWF who sign up for the city will enjoy concessions.


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