The Special One


The Special One (SO) is a personality associated with the Beautiful Sport whose presence is central to the beauty of the sport. The SO symbolizes the beauty of the sport and plays vital roles before, during and after events associated with the sport and bears the crown that players compete for. The country of origin of the SO is Nigeria while the country of residence shall be the United States because of its symbolic link to Hurricane Bonnie which made landfall in North Carolina in 1998.

The SO has a life of its own outside of the field of play and will be the arrow ahead of our efforts to support causes that will lead to a beautiful world. Yearly, the SO will host events like festivals, carnivals, concerts, tournaments etc that will bring the world together and whose proceeds will support development causes that will boost our vision to beautify the world.

The SO will reside in the Beautiful City to be established for the Beautiful Sport and will be a delight tourist in the mould of the “Fearless Girl” in New York, “Mickey Mouse’ in Orlando, among others.


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