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Opia Bonny Limited is a born Nigerian firm incorporated under Nigerian laws on 30 April 2013 as a limited liability firm to commercialize a novel model and sport which resulted from research by Bonnyface Oji Peter Opia (PhD).


The Goals Model was propounded to link the goals that individuals, organizations and nation states seek to achieve, the obstacles to the goals and the resources they need to overcome the obstacles to the goals. The Goals Sport operationalizes the model by giving life to the philosophy of the model and demonstrating the relationship espoused therein.


In commercializing the novel model and sport, the firm shall be involved in the business of sports, entertainment, education, training, manufacturing, logistics, festivals, fashion, pageantry, E-Commerce, digital entertainment, social networking, broadcasting, software development, publishing etc.

At the core of the sport business will be an individual and team league based on the new sport which said league can be executed from home, office, in existing or stadia and arena, either indoor or outdoor and broadcast to viewers.



In rolling out the innovative model and sport, we will set up series of small plants in Nigeria and abroad for the production of the court and apparatus for the sport and shipping to end users around the world. The firm will employ licensing, franchising, direct investments, joint ventures etc in achieving its vision.



At the core of the business model of Opia Bonny are the Goals Model and Goals Sport, which can be deployed for a variety of purposes.



Using the innovation, we will provide wide ranging services to individuals and organizations, including:

  1. Sport entertainment
  2. Fitness and ergonomics
  3. Research, polls, surveys
  4. Human Resource Training
  5. Teaching and learning subjects
  6. Entrepreneurship development
  7. Processes management and improvement
  8. Stakeholder engagement and mobilization for causes


We shall deploy the innovation to assist individuals, organizations and nation states to achieve any desired goals. We shall support international organizations like the United Nations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

” Be a part of our Beautiful World Forum”