The Beautiful Sport


The Beautiful Sport

The Beautiful Sport is a sport that is similar to but different in several ways from football in the design of the playing field, rules, method of play and overall decision making processes. The sport which integrates elements of cricket and baseball, can be performed by humans on natural or artificial turf and can be animated and incorporated in apps. Anyone who is familiar with the current game of football can readily and easily comprehend Beautiful Sport. The Beautiful Sport was conceived as a sport that will go beyond serving as a tool for entertainment to address specific goals whose accomplishments will enhance our vision to beautify the world.

Three goals the sport seeks to achieve are peace and conciliation, gender equality and equity as well as education and learning. However, the sport can be used to promote a variety of goals including those embodied in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).


The beauty of the game:

The beauty of the sport is embodied in the design of the playing field, rules, method of play and the personality of the 12th player called the Special One, which makes the sport attractive to stakeholders.


Some features

  1. Game can be played in more than two periods
  2. Deadlocks can be resolved without penalty kicks
  3. A team that loses a game can still earn some points
  4. Goalkeeper may not be in post during a special penalty kick
  5. Kick-off can occur at a point other than in the centre area
  6. Players cannot go into the crown area unless the ball is in already
  7. A unique “red and while” line restricts player from taking certain actions



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