Leadership Kick Challenge


The leadership kick is a unique feature of play in the beautiful sport which enables a team that is excelling in a contest to demonstrate its leadership qualities and establish its dominance in a game.

The Leadership Kick Challenge is a contest that involves the unique leadership kick wherein leaders participate in a contest that enables them target specific goals making it a potent tool for promoting the attainment of development goals.


The challenge is a major tool for raising resources to fund the Goals Fund which will be used to support the attainment of development goals.


As each leader prepares to take the kick, during and after taking the kick, citizens of the country, are invited to provide non-financial and financial resources to support the leaders effort to attain set goal and these are funnelled into the Goals Fund


The amount of money raised by each leader will depend on how well the audience believes the leader performed in the contest.


The challenge will also involve dwells between leaders of countries with adversarial and cordial relationships which will create a window to build bridges across red lines and frosty ties.


World leaders will take this kick with support from their spouses who will be physically present.


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